Zenat Joudieh

"Best decision I have made!"

When it comes to ASP experience, It feels like I belong to a small universe with some stars and stardust that the trainers of this gym use to assure not only an amazing toned look, but the inner feeling of youth and strength. These guys offer secret recipes of various workout styles.

I started this magical journey in October 2011. Although I’ve always been a sports or a workout fanatic, I could easily say NOTHING, and I mean nothing had ever come close to pushing me to be in the shape that I’m in now. I can easily say that this is by far, the best decision I have made in my life. I may not be 20 years old anymore, but honestly that’s the age I feel inside and the strength I have on the outside. At advance sports performance, the family atmosphere takes precedence over the business aspect of it. And that’s felt by each and every member of the gym family, which gives the feel of a going to a second home away from home.

That being said, I super strongly encourage anyone that is ready for an exceptional change in their lives both in body and spirit, to come and join the awesomeness.

Mike, Keahn, THANK YOU for keeping it real, fun and exciting with the constant coaching creativity that you guys offer with each indoor or outdoor activity.

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