Franco Famularo

"Easy to be consistent!"

I have really missed this place, and I had my first Post-COVID bootcamp class today after finally getting vaccinated. I’m really excited to be back. Prior to discovering Advanced 3+ years ago, I had tried equinox, cross fit, working out at home, apps, and a couple of other fitness options. Nothing ever stuck for me for various reasons, or I found it difficult to remain consistent in my routine. Then I signed up for the bootcamp class at Advanced (they also offer a cross fit style class). I’m not going to lie – the first class I took was tough. But I kept going back 2-3 times a week, and my fitness level significantly improved – I found that I had a lot more energy, I wasn’t getting injured as much (I used to do the typical thing where I would take some time off from working out and then overdo it the first time back), and I was happier.

There are a few things in particular that make this gym a really great experience for me:

1. The owners and coaches feel like family and they treat people like family – they try to push you that extra amount, while not overdoing it. They cheer you on and they monitor your form. Everyone is on a first-name basis.
Having that kind of support and camaraderie makes a big difference for me.

2. I really like the facility – it’s a large open field house-style facility. There’s plenty of room to spread out unlike some of today’s new workout studios. And there’s an abundance of equipment that allows for diverse workouts to keep things fresh and different. Often times, the coaches open the garage doors of the gym to allow fresh air into the facility.

3. The bootcamp classes are extremely well-rounded and give you a very balanced workout. Lack of muscular balance has been a key cause of injuries for me (one muscle over-compensating for weaker muscles that don’t get exercised as much). The thoughtful class plans at Advanced emphasize balance. The movements are generally lower impact with a focus on reps, and they can be tailored to a range of capabilities (and the coaches will help you modify them if needed or desired).

4. The people and the social atmosphere are really awesome. I’m somewhat introverted, and so seeing the same people at classes makes this a more enjoyable social experience for me than going to studio classes or a regular gym where I just try to avoid people. And seeing the same people also helps me with accountability. I’d also note that there’s a nice diversity in the bootcamp classes – there’s typically an even mix of women and men, and I have been in classes where there’s probably a 40+ year age range among participants.

If you’re trying to improve (or regain) your fitness level after the past 15 months, and you’re looking for something that makes it easier to be more consistent and accountable (in a fun social environment), try our this place. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

A quick note on COVID protocols for the bootcamp class (May 2021): They open the doors to the gym ~10 minutes before class. Everyone enters with a mask on. The coaches take each person’s temperature as they check in. Each person grabs their own “rectangle” taped out on the turf of the gym, and grabs the needed equipment for the day – this allows for social distancing. You can take off your mask when you’re in your rectangle (or not – your call). At the end of class, each person receives her/his own bottle of disinfectant spray and a clean towel to wipe down all of the equipment. Everyone seemed to be pretty diligent with these protocols.

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