Youth Speed and Agility/Sports Performance

We concentrate on training the drills and exercises

Our youth speed and agility sessions are ideal for all young athletes ages 8-12 looking to build and improve athletic confidence and ability. Our coaches teach the fundamentals of running, jumping and overall body mechanics in a fun and safe environment. Each class will focus on a technique or skill which will help the development of our athlete. The skill/technique learned will then be drilled and re-taught throughout the class. It’s never too early to learn the fundamentals of becoming a great athlete!

Our Advanced Sports Performance (ASP) training programs are specifically designed and geared towards physically and mentally preparing our athletes to compete at the highest level possible in their particular sport. We design programs that are intent on improving every characteristic that an athlete needs-flexibility, strength foundation, power development, functional mobility, work capacity, 1st step quickness, linear acceleration and lateral change of direction, footwork, and overall mental toughness. We concentrate on training the drills and exercises that will have the most carryover and application to the competitive athletic arena.